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Professional Licensing

Helping Resolve Professional License Issues

The law office of Newman, Comley & Ruth P.C. provides experienced legal counsel to professionals in Jefferson City and throughout the state of Missouri. Professional license attorneys at our firm provide help to clients facing disciplinary action or licensing investigation. Our firm assists clients in defending their professional licenses and ensuring their constitutional rights are protected.

Serving Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Real Estate Agents And Other Licensed Professionals

We represent professionals in all stages of licensing proceedings from the initial application or renewal to investigations and formal trial-type hearings before the Administrative Hearing Commission. No matter what stage, our attorneys will provide diligent and comprehensive assistance in protecting your license.

Our professional licensing practice involves matters with the Missouri Division of Professional Registration, the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission (AHC) and many other state agencies (i.e., Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, etc.):

  • Division of Professional Registration: Serving a broad spectrum of licensed professionals, our Jefferson City lawyers are accustomed to handling matters involving various licensing agencies, including the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts, the Dental Board, the Board of Accountancy, the Board of Nursing, the Real Estate Commission and other professional licensing divisions.
  • Administrative Hearing Commission (AHC): Licensed professionals are entitled to due process when facing discipline or revocation of their professional license. This means any professional facing discipline is entitled to a trial-type hearing. Our office provides zealous and effective administrative hearing representation.
  • Administrative appeals: For licensed professionals who suffer from an adverse agency action, you may have the right to appeal the agency’s action to the Missouri courts (including the Circuit Courts, Court of Appeals or even the Missouri Supreme Court). Appealing such actions requires prompt and timely appeal after the agency’s order is entered. You must contact an attorney immediately to pursue your appeal rights or you may lose your chance for court review of the agency’s decision.

Helping Keep Your Professional License In Place

Contact a Jefferson City attorney at Newman, Comley & Ruth for quality and effective representation in professional licensing matters. Call 573-634-2266.

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