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Family Law

Helping You Navigate The Family Law Process

Divorce and child custody matters are overwhelming. It can be difficult to know where to turn for answers and advice regarding the complex legal decisions ahead. Divorce and family law clients require and deserve experienced attorneys who will listen to them, aggressively represent them and give sound legal advice. While some cases must be decided by a judge, others are better settled out of court. Whether or not your case is contested, prompt attention to detail and moving forward in court as quickly as possible is usually what is necessary to protect your interests and the interests of your family.

At Newman, Comley & Ruth P.C. we pledge to you our experience, proven results and best efforts in resolving your family law matter.

Experienced Divorce And Property Division Attorneys

At our law office in Jefferson City, family law attorneys Edward C. Clausen and Wayne M. Jordan III provide comprehensive representation to our firm’s clients who are confronting divorce, child custody disputes, property division and other family law disputes. They have been practicing family law for more than 25 years, representing clients in trial courts throughout the central Missouri corridor and in Missouri appellate courts, including the Supreme Court of Missouri.

Comprehensive Family Law Services

At Newman, Comley & Ruth, clients come to us for advice across the spectrum of family law needs. Many of these cases involve issues such as:

  • Divorce (dissolution of marriage)
  • Property division
  • Child custody and child support, including cases where the parents are not married
  • Paternity
  • Modification, including child support modification, child custody modification and spousal maintenance modification (alimony)
  • Child/parental relocation
  • Family law appeals

Divorce And Family Law Representation Tailored To Your Needs

Sometimes the costs — financially, emotionally or otherwise — are too high to justify a “knockdown/drag out” fight. These decisions are even more difficult when you are dealing with children. As experienced Jefferson City, Missouri, family law attorneys, we understand the importance of tailoring each case to fit the needs, goals and personal situations of the client — whether that means a resolution through negotiation, mediation or trial.

To find out more, contact our law office by calling 573-634-2266 to discuss your case with a skilled divorce lawyer.

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